The Wedding Party

Sandra Hodgins

Maid of Honour and Sister of the Bride

Emily always wanted a little sister and is so happy to have Sandra in her life. Sandra keeps Emily on her toes with her passion for life and seemingly unending energy. Always a strong support and friend when the world seems bleak. Their favourite activity to share together is drinking lattes and watching Ugly Betty...when they aren't planning their weddings.

Gillian Tom
Bridesmaid and Friend of the Bride

Emily and Gill have been friends for 17 years. They met during their years in the Hastings and Prince Edward Childrens' Chorus and roomed together on two European tours. Although the years have taken them far apart (Gill is currently living in Australia), they are always close at heart and can pick up right where they left off. Gill is a big encourager and a valuable support.

Tamara MacDonald

Bridesmaid and Sister of the Groom

Austin and Tamara grew up being each others best friend. They have a lot of shared experiences and, even though they often have different interests, they still have a deep understanding of each other emotionally and listen to each others concerns.

Joel George
Best Man and Friend of the Groom

Joel and Austin have been friends for about 7 years. They became good friends while on Spirit Borne, a high school performing arts group. They also started a band together that helped develop their friendship on a deeper level. Some of the best things about Joel are how he listens, he is accommodating, and he is completely trustworthy.

Micah George

Groomsman and Friend of the Groom

Micah and Austin have been friends for about 3 years. They have enjoyed lots of gaming and watching movies together. One of the best things about Micah is that he always has a positive attitude.

Tom Hodgins
Groomsman and Brother of the Bride

Emily has known Tom since the day he was born and they grow closer in age the older they get. Tom adds a spark to the Hodgins family with his new and creative ideas and outlook on life. He is always looking for ways to help the people in his life and always lends a listening ear when Emily needs it most. Tom, our "in house" graphic designer, also designed this website for us and assisted with typography.